Meet AJ

Meet AJ


From my heart to yours

As a young child of divorced parents, I yearned for unconditional love and acceptance. Growing up I looked to fill this need by seeking male attention. From these early experiences I created concepts and beliefs about men: They were not to be trusted. Sexuality was a tool men used to manipulate. And, men could and would abandon me.

I lived with pain from these limiting beliefs until my first spiritual experience with God at the age of eleven. It was through this relationship I finally found the unconditional love I was searching for. Living in confidence and passion, I also discovered that I could manifest my desires by trusting my eternal lover, God, and the guidance that was delivered through my intuition. That is, until I broke my vow of virginity to God, resulting in guilt and shame around my sexuality and disconnection to my intuition.

Then came the dark years of depression, lack of trust, jealousy, fear of infidelity, divorce, body image issues, sexual assault, and ultimately attempted suicide. After much soul searching, I discovered my personal issues could be traced to two sources: my anger at God and my own repressed sexuality.

I began a 10-year search to see if I could find a connection between the two. When I made the discovery, I found freedom! This freedom then allowed me to rekindle my relationship with God through passionate expression of my sexuality. My intuition returned and once again I began to manifest my dreams into reality.

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Today, I educate and encourage others through sharing my story. I help women make the same sexuality-spirituality connection within themselves, igniting confidence and passion in all areas of their life.

I look forward to making a connection.


AJ Beaber is a specialist in the field of sexual energy, as an author, speaker, coach and CEO and founder of “Ignite the Light”. AJ offers training courses and personal coaching utilizing tools to break through the limiting beliefs that block people from true intimacy, she assists men and women in making the sexuality-spirituality connection for themselves, igniting confidence and passion in all areas of their life.

She lives with her husband and children in metropolitan Denver and gives back to the community through her non-profit organization, Red Light Love. Its mission is to help women of all ages, wounded in their sexuality because of traumatic experiences, find healing and learn to trust and love again.