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"One cannot teach unless they have experienced the lessons firsthand." -You & I, Inc.
Empower. Love. Grow.
I help women across the globe discover how to experience a safe expression of their sexuality through the connection to their spiritual nature. 
"I believe all creativity begins with energy; a manifestation of our beliefs regarding our sexuality."
When a woman's spirit has been wounded by painful life experiences the result can many times lead to limiting beliefs, suppressing her ability to feel creative and empowered.

My passion is to help women who have been wounded in their sexuality by providing them with tools to heal from this trauma, thus empowering them to become the creator they are born to be!

Women are powerful creators.
Fun Facts About Me...
  • Born and raised in California
  • Die hard sports fan but can't play golf to save my life
  • We travel the globe travel is our addiction
  • My super power harnessing creative energy
  • I found freedom! I create the life I desire, and live my passion and purpose through empowering others to do the same

Today, I educate and encourage others through sharing my story. 
As a child of divorced parents I bounced between two households. Longing for their unconditional love and approval,  I became really great at the people pleasing game. Somewhere during that process I lost my identity. I lost my voice.

Growing up I believed that when I got married and created my own family unit,  then I would finally have the unconditional love and approval I desired. Sadly, my first marriage ended in divorce and my dream fell apart. I was discouraged and disheartened. Realizing I could not count on love and approval from others, I began to search for it within myself.

At the time I enrolled dance classes. Little did I know that that dance would ignite a powerful spark within me. Through these classes I discovered my superpower; creative energy, the empowerment that comes from a relationship with my own body. I was awakened to my sexuality; a powerful part of my identity and I lived with confidence and passion attracting what I desired in life, and creating the life of my dreams!

Until the sexual assault.

In those moments I was paralyzed, I had no voice. Blaming my new-found empowerment/sexuality, I once again felt lost. I fell into a deep depression, underwent counseling for PTSD and ultimately attempted suicide as a desperate cry for help.

 I was angry at God and tired of repressing my sexuality, and that’s when it hit me! Creative energy is my empowerment! Sexuality is part of my connection to God! 

To better understand this realization, I began what led to 10-years of research. Through this life study I learned what this spiritual connection is. When I made the connection within myself, I finally found the unconditional love and approval I longed for. I once again became a powerful creator , utilizing my creative energy to magnetize what I desire in life.

Today I use my voice to share my story and findings, empowering others to harness their own creative energy and create the life they desire.
Be the Powerful Creator You Were Born to Be!
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