A Connection of Sexuality and Spirituality

Did you know that your intuition is directly related to your sexual self-confidence?

It’s true. The ability to fully express your sexual energy and create the life you desire is directly linked to fully embracing the gift of your intuitive, spiritual nature; what I call the Connection of Sexuality and Spirituality.

You see, too many people today are living in pain inflicted by wounds to their sexual self-confidence. Things like divorce, adultery, emotional affairs, sexual harassment, molestation, rape, pornography addiction, obsession to lovers, lack of intimacy and trust in relationships, and boredom in the bedroom have become all too common.

It’s time for a change.

Hello, my name is AJ Beaber. I specialize in the field of sexual energy, as an author, speaker, coach and CEO and founder of “Ignite the Light”. I help people heal from wounds to their sexuality, connect to their intuition and get their spark back in order to create the life they desire! Learn more by reading my story here and browsing this site. I look forward to making a connection!


AJ Beaber

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Mary M.

Ignite the Light Student

I was blown away at how easy it is to tap into my sexual energy. Now I use my tools with confidence. People in a room notice me, and want to connect with me. They say I have something different. I smile knowing it’s my sexual energy that is attracting them to me. I would have never thought it was so easy!


Ignite the Light student and Coaching client

By tapping into my sexual energy I have had the opportunity to feel the energy and use it to reduce my anxiety and fear. I know my feminine and masculine energy is with me at all times and by tapping into it gives me confidence when I am unsure!. I have also used it in the bedroom to increase the intensity and pleasure with my husband!!!


Ignite the Light Student

It’s been a very long time since I even tried a relationship, and that failed because I was closed off. AJ and “Ignite the Light” opened me up creatively and sexually providing a safe haven to discuss my doubts and fears and that is huge! Sexy Lady is a part of me now, and one that I will love and nurture more and more as time goes on!

Amy V

Coaching client

My experience working with AJ was life changing, to say the least! I received many hidden gifts within the coaching I hadn't expected but were huge catalysts in shifting my beliefs. From that space, my relationships have transformed! I am thrilled and grateful to have these tools with me for the rest of my life. Thank you, AJ Beaber!

Julie D

Coaching client

AJ has a way of putting me at ease. She understands the stories that we create from our past. She does not judge and was able to help me decipher between my story, my judgments and how to get past them and dig deep to the roots! She helped bring me clarity!


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